Abby House: 2676 Gladys Ave, Abbotsford BC, V2S 3X8 Phone: 604.850.1235
Cheamview: 8916 Mary Street, Chilliwack BC, V2P 4J4 Phone: 604.792.5287
Administration (Abbotsford): 604.850.1168

Therapeutic Volunteer Program (TVP)

TVP is designed to contribute to the rehabilitation process of persons living with mental illness by participation in a volunteer capacity within the community. It assists individuals to develop personal life and/or pre-employment skills and achieve greater independence and community integration.

Program Goals:

Opportunities to develop skills, interests and abilities;
Opportunity to have a role in the community;
Opportunity to increase self-identity, self-worth and confidence;
Opportunity to develop readiness to engage in volunteering;
Opportunity to build capacity to more fully engage in meaning activities that support recover.

Placement Duration:
Individuals will be eligible to receive twelve consecutive months of placement and should not have been on TVP in the last twelve months.

A waitlist will be created when the number of individuals requesting TVP exceeds program capacity.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. adults with a prolonged psychiatric illness with significant handicaps in vocational, life skills or other social functioning.
  2. ineligible for the Ministry of Employment & Income Assistance and Housing’s Program called “Employment Initiatives for Handicapped Persons”;
  3. has an approved volunteer placement.
  4. clients must complete the “Therapeutic Volunteer Program Application Form”, and be approved by the Mental Health Case Manager or designate.